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Fadely's ADC

  I have been in and around the home improvement industry for over 25 years. I’ve worked a variety of jobs in remodeling and sales that gives me a unique perspective on the market and industry we call home improvement. About 15 years ago I developed Asthma and Allergies. Air quality means a great deal to me and when the opportunity came to work with an owner of a duct cleaning business, I jumped at it! That was a few years ago in Anchorage Alaska. I have moved to Arkansas to be closer to my aging father and family. Air quality means just as much to Arkansan’s as in does to Alaskans.  

Bill Fadely and the Company Rig. Compressor, Vacuums, and Tools.

How the Magic Happens.

The Cleaning Process:

1. Set up – Equipment is set up and environmental controls such as drop cloths and barriers are put in place. Vacuums are placed at the closest point near the air handler and barriers are placed to prevent dust and dirt from entering the heating and cooling unit. Each exit point (register or vent) is sealed. This will create a closed system and the vacuum will cause negative pressure within the system.

2. Cleaning – The cleaning technician then takes an air pressure hose, hollow air rods and nozzles to clean at every vent point and down each branch. Working first on the air intake side, then the supply air side of the system, planning and care must be taken to sweep the dust and debris from the furthest point toward the vacuum. Access points may have to be created using sheet metal tools. Additional brushes and vacuums may have to be employed to ensure a complete job.

3. Clean up – Sweeping completed, debris is removed from the structure, vent covers are replaced, plug and cover plates are installed where access was created, then a new filter is put in place. Equipment packed up.

The process for a 2000sqft home take 2-3 hours. When possible, photos are taken before and after to document the job for the client.